Would you Wear it? Bump a Booty Underwear


  When I cam across these browsing through Zulily I had to share, Bump a Booty Underwear, they are padded underwear to give you a little boost in the booty. The description of these padded panties is “Effortlessly add support and lift when the tush needs a quick pick-me-up. These flattering briefs feature padding to …

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DIY Fairy Garden Patio as cheap as FREE!


My Aunt has the most amazing fairy garden she makes with my cousin and every year they bring stuff out, and every year they pack it back up. Last week she visited, and was talking about how the problem she has is the patios, and paths they make with the stones get covered in pine …

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FREE DVD From Disney

Looking for a fun DVD check out this free one from Disney! I like watching ours it makes me smile, but if you don’t want to watch yours you can check out our post on crafts to do with free cds and dvds. Either way click the banner and grab yours before its gone!

Make Your Own Foaming Soap for Hands and Dishes.

foaming hand soap

Guest Post by Katie Saving money doesn’t just mean clipping coupons. Now don’t get me wrong, I clip a whole lot of coupons, and it saves us a ton of money, but there is more than one way to pinch a penny. Here is one of my favorites. With three kids under 5 years old, …

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Boogie Wipe Give Away!

If you follow this fairy on twitter you have seen some of my tweets about Boogie wipes, I absolutely adore them, so when they said hey you should give some away I was like score my readers will love these! I’m not kidding when I say these save my nose during the cold season. For …

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Free Contacts Hurry and Grab Yours Now.

This is one of my favorite freebies! Right now you can get a free contacts. Its super easy just click here and click the get a free trial banner. Then click free trial offer and fill in your information. Then grab your cert for the free contacts. Some people have even gotten colored ones, if …

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Enter for a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD!

I don’t know about you but I would love to win a Kindle Fire of any generation, especially a HD! Right now you can enter for a chance to win one and its super simple just click here and put in your email address. Make sure to confirm your email so they can email you …

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Get Started with New Years Resolutions right away with this FREE offer!

Have you heard of┬áCurves? It is my favorite place to work out cause they are very friendly and dont make you feel bad if you are chubby (like me). Plus they have fun music and the way they do the the exercise program works everything without over doing it, and as you get more fit …

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50% off plus FREE shipping on work out clothes

This deal was already cool when I first saw it but not its even better! Right now you can get work out clothes for 50% off plus free shipping on Fabletics. The cool part is when you join you take a survey that ask about what you do to work out, where you work out, …

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Avoid the Achooos ~ How to Avoid Colds, and Fight Them if You get Them.


Guest Post by Katie During this time of year, being sick is almost inevitable. But here are a few tips to avoid picking up the germs, and if you do get it, how to help you get over it fast! When going to a store, look for the cart wipes. Almost every store has started …

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