FREE Diabetes Cook Book ~ Great for Diabetics and People trying to Eat Better

Ok so I learned something scary, apparently while Im not diabetic the chances of me becoming so because of my weight, and my family weight history are higher than they should be. So I decided I needed to start watching it, and watching it means better meal choices, I may post that great choco cake recipe for yall but sadly its on my no no list. Im pretty proud of myself Im down to 242 I was at 258 when I went to the doctors 3 months ago, so it hasnt been a fast weight lose but down 16 pounds is progress and Im keeping at it. Where am I going with this? Food, have you ever checked out a diabetic cook book? It has great recipes that really can help you even if your not diabetic. They taste yummy too, sadly most free ones are only open to certain groups so Im gonna give you a little hand here.

Click here to go to the FREE Diabetic Cook Book page

fill in your info (you must say you have Medicare to get it)

Fill in the info they asked for I put in type 2 diabetes cause thats what Im at risk for and what my BFs dad had

Now they are gonna offer you some offers just click no thanks

you will then get to a page to download the book.

This has fabulous recipes such as

  • Grilled Beef
  • Grilled Veggies
  • Sweet and Spicey Salmon
  • Asian Grilled Chicken
  • and more
Yum! Don’t miss out grab it before it’s not free anymore!
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