You could win a GE Washer & Dryer Package!

I would so love to win this, or hear that one of you won it! You could win a GE Washer & Dryer Package, and everyone who enters gets a printable Mail-in Rebate Certificate to save up to $200 on featured GE washer and dryer packages. All you have to do is click here and sign up to Womens Freebies.

After you have signed up go and click here to go directly to the giveaway and enter.

(the washer and dryer are not necessarily the ones you will win I picked a pic of GE Washer and Dryer I like)


Thanks to Penny Pinching Polly for the heads up on this one!
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  1. susan

    trying to enter for winning the washer/dryer..keep getting internet explorer re enter web page..error

    1. The Christmas Fairy

      Have you tried any other browser I know it works on google chrome and people have told me it works on firefox

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