Getting Crafty ~ Mickey Mouse Cozy

Going with my Disney Mood heres a fun craft to make cup cozys


What youll need


1. Print the template pieces and cut them out.

2. Trace the templates onto the designated color felt and cut out the pieces.

3. Cut a length of elastic cord about 4 inches long. Form a loop with the elastic and sew the ends to the top side of the black felt, on the left side.

4. Hot glue the red felt on top of the black felt, hiding the elastic ends. There should be black felt showing above and below the red felt.

5. Sew two white buttons on top of the red felt in the middle of the sleeve. The buttons should be about half an inch to one inch apart.

6. Sew a red button on top of the red felt on the right end of the sleeve.


Thanks to family.go.com for this awesome idea



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