Getting Eggy With It: A How-To on Freezing Eggs

So today Savemart had eggs for $0.69 per dozen (limit 2 dozen per person) not being one to skip out on over 50% off on something we use all the time, I got two dozen, but the delemia came down to what does one do when they have so many eggs and arent going to use them right away (not knowing about the sale I had just bought eggs at the walmart a few days before hand) the answer. Freeze them! It is really easy and I wanted to give you a simple how to on how to to it!

Step 1

Get your supplies, you need eggs, a container to put them in (I used zip lock baggies, ice cube trays are awesome to use as well but Im using all mine for ice) salt, a bowl, and a fork or whisk.

Step 2

Break eggs into a bowl

Step 3

Add salt (one-half teaspoon of salt for every cup of raw eggs), and whisk the eggs making sure to break up all of the yolks. If you are going to use these for baking instead of say for scrambled eggs or egg sandwhiches, use sugar instead of salt. The salt or sugar keeps the yolks from becoming to geliton like when frozen.

Step 4

Write the date on any containers you are going to put the eggs in, I made the mistake of waiting till I had poured the eggs into the zip lock bags that was really dumb of me cause I had a hard time with the marker and bags of eggs.

Step 5

Pour the mixture into the containers. I put my bags into a bowl just in case the open in the freezer there wont be a mess cause it will go in the bowl.

Step 6

Put them in the freezer, if you use the icecube method 2 ice cubes equal 1 egg. I just measured out about 3 servings in each bag since there are three of us. When you are ready to use them you can defrost them and cook, or just throw a few cubes into a pan on low heat and melt and cook them for breakfast! The eggs will keep for up to a year in the freezer.


Enjoy, and good luck finding fabo deals on eggs and stocking up!

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