Stock up your cupboard with these 6 essentials!

With finally being in my own house, with my own kitchen, Ive decided to get my butt in gear on stocking up. My cupboards have food in them, but I’m getting a little tired of going to make something and realising I’m missing something small that I should have on hand. So that means its time for us to take stock and get stocking. Here’s what I want you to do take a moment maybe not right now but in the next week or two and see what you need to stock up on and that way you know what to keep an eye out for as far as deal go. So what should you stock up on? Here are some things you should defiantly have stocked up.

1. Baking supplies

- four

- sugar

- honey

- nuts

- baking soda and powder

- oil (vegetable, olive, peanut ect)

These are things I’m constantly running out of, and since I use them all the time its great to stock up when you can!

2. Hot Cereal

- Oat Meal

- Grits

Easy to make, nutritious, and when times get tight a little goes a long way!

3. Noodles

- stock up on any type of noodles you like, they are great as a main dish, or a side, and are often inexpensive and really versatile as far as meals go!

4. Canned food

- Chicken broth (and beef if you like it!)


- fruits

- beans


5. Dried beans, and lentils

- any type you like, they are cheap and are great additions to a meal

6. Extras

- spices

- soy sauce (a big one in our house)

- salt pepper

- anything you need for flavor!


What do you stock up on?

Thanks to Simple Bites for the idea on stocking up!

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