Jersey Knit Style DIY Bracelet using old t-shirts!

These bracelets, are fun to make and you can make them out of old shirts. Heres how to do it.


  1. Cut out long strips of t-shirt about 1 inch thick (the amount you will need depends on the size of the shirt, I used a xl female shirt and it took my 4 strips (1 strip front of shirt 1 strip back).
  2. cut a small hole in the ends of the strips
  3. place one hole of each strip against the hole of another and loop the strip through the holes tying them together, do this will all the strips till you have one long line.
  4. now take the strip and weave it starting behind your pointer finger, in front of your middle finger, and behind you ring finger then bring it back in front of your ring finger, behind the middle and in front of the pointer.
  5. bring the strip behind your fingers and then back in front of your fingers making a big loop
  6. now begin lifting the small loops over the big loop and your finger
  7. after you have brought all three over bring the strip back in front of your fingers and repeat the looping process
  8. repeat steps 6 through 7 until your bracelet is long enough
  9. thread the strip through all the loops and then tie the two strips together forming the bracelet
  10. cut off any extra strips, and enjoy your new bracelet!


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