How to make Wine Bottle Drip Candle Holders

This is the night the most beautiful night and we call it Belle Notte… every time I think of candles in wine bottles I cant help but think of Lady and the Tramp. In fact a few years ago I went to a Lady and the Tramp themed wedding and the bride made her own candle holder wine bottles (and her own breadstick display like in Lady and the Tramp). I think the idea is very sweet and so today I am going to show you how to make this easy project.


  • clean, empty glass bottles (pick something pretty so you can use it again and again)
  • tapered drip candles (or cheap candles that drip)
1. Choose decorative glass bottles, something special to you or with a shape you really like
2. choose your candle, you want ones that drip
3. fit your candle into the mouth of the bottle, if your candle is too chunky to fit the neck of your bottle, pare it down with a vegetable knife until it will fit snugly.As the wax builds up around the neck, you might find it easier to add additional candles by melting a little of the wax at the top and sticking the base of the new candle firmly into place.

4. find a place to set it, set your candle on a non-flammable surface, and preferably a surface that can easily be cleaned if melted wax drips onto it. Set your wine bottle on a pretty plate, or some other flat, non-flammable surface, for easy cleanup and safety.
5. Light your candle and let it drip
The woman I mentioned above did her melting and then after she had her drip effect added new candles which she lit for the wedding reception its was so pretty!
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