DIY: Book Shelves made of Books

So I saw a picture of shelves like these, but no instructions so of course I had to figure it out! I ended up making two shelves for my roommates room and I plan to make some for our living room as well, they are fun, and very nifty looking. I suggest checking your local library for free books (ours has a giveaway table with free books), or yard sales for cheap ones, you want bigger books, that are hard cover. I also suggest larger L brackets, ones that take up at least half or more of the book, I used smaller and they work but larger would give you more support.

What you need

  • L Brackets (1 per shelf unless its a huge book then use 2)
  • hard cover books
  • screws (4 per L bracket and two additional per book)
  • hot glue
  • a knife



1. First remove any library stickers from the book, make sure the outside looks nice.

2. Open the  book  to the back cover and line your L bracket up in the middle, you want the book plush against the inside of the L bracket and you want to be drawing on the pages. Trace the outline of your L bracket on the  back pages (not the back hard part of the book)

3. now set the L bracket aside.

4. grab two screws and screw one in each outer corner of the book going through as many pages as it will go through like so

5. Now take your knife and cute out the rectangle shape of the L bracket that you traced onto the pages (remember you are cutting the back pages not the back cover of the book), cut away just enough that the L bracket sits in the groove like so

6.Now screw the L bracket into the pages, You want it facing with the long part you screw to the wall facing towards the front of the book, the only part that should be under the bracket when you hang it is the back cover.

7. one the L Bracket is secure, use the hot glue to glue the back cover to the back pages, you may need to glue a few pages together as well. Let dry then hold up like its hanging on the wall to make sure you dont need to glue any more.

8.Once completely glued, find a stud in the wall and screw the L bracket into the wall.

9. Once secure, stack books, knick knacks ect on top and enjoy!


Don’t they look nice? If you love it please pin it to Pinterest, and share it. Thank you!

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