Make a List Check it Twice, Cause Saving on Christmas is Awfully Nice!

Are you ready for the Holidays, with 4th of July behind us you know Halloween is right around the corner, Thanksgiving will gobble up the days, and then Christmas will be ho ho ho-ing at your front door before you know it! Which means now is the time to get the gift getting in gear, the list making started, and the deal finding going! So how are we gonna do this? Were gonna make list. First I want you to make a list that looks like this. Make 3 columns and in the first write “Name”, in the second write “How Many”, and in the third write “What I have gotten”. Go down the list, and write the names of people you need to get presents for start with close family, mom, dad, spouse, kids, grand parents, then move on to extended family, and friends. In the next column next to each name write how many gifts you want to get them, try to keep this number low, friends should get 1 or 2 unless they are uber close friends. Then as you get gifts write down what gifts you got in the what I got them column, and be good put the gifts away, don’t be like me.. I’m famous for not being able to wait till Christmas.

The Next list I want you to make is the sites you earn money on that you will use for holidays. Make 4 columns like in the picture below. In the first column write “Name”, the second write “Site url”, the third “how I can cash out”, the 4th write “My goals”. Now go down the list and write sites you earn money with. You can see a list of my favorite sites to earn money with here, you can also view all our post about earning money online here. Next to the names in the 2nd column write the sites url. Then in the 3rd column right how you can redeem, amazon, paypal, gift cards etc. Finally write your goal and when you want to reach it by.

Use these list to help you keep track of how your earning gifts, and who your giving stuff to. That way you dont forget to go on the sites that earn you money and its easy for you to see who you have gotten stuff for when you find a deal, or a freebie!


Good luck, and remember follow our blog for more ways to earn cash, freebies, and more to make your Holiday less stressful!

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