How to clean a dirty door knob

So when I moved in here I noticed something that has constantly driven my nuts, I know its silly but this door knob on my bathroom just looked dirty. No amount of scrubbing was working, till I thought today hmm I wonder if my old pal vinegar will help.

To do this job you will need

  • a bowl (big enough to hold the knob pieces)
  • a screw driver
  • your door knobs
  • baking soda
  • white vinegar
  • a scrubbing pad (I used a Brillo one)



1. unscrew the doorknob from the door

2. put some baking soda in the bowl, and put the knob pieces in the bowl

3. poor in vinegar covering the knob as much as you can keep in mind this will bubble (the kids will love this part)

4. let it sit, turn the knob pieces if they are not completely covered, I let mine sit 20 minutes

5. take out one piece and scrub with scrub pad (I find the steel wool works best) if it doesnt come all off let soak some more and work on another piece.

6. scrub all pieces till your satisfied

7. Dry pieces, I wiped mine dry then let sit out for a while so they were completely dry

8. Re-Attach, and enjoy your yuck free door knob.


So what do you think? Does my door knob look better?

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  1. Iggy

    well now you can see the dent better..lol Lovely stuff the vinagar and soda- bathroom door? cool it kills germs too…lol

  2. The Christmas Fairy

    Lol yeah but I would rather the dent show than that nasty black stuff who the photo actually made the dent look worse than it is. I keep looking at the bathroom door and smiling, amazing how the small things can make your day a little better.

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