How to Dehydrate Potatoes in Your Oven

Winter is coming, which means an increase on prices of things like veggies, so at our house we have decided to dehydrate what we can so we can make soup mixes, and have potatoes for mash tatoes, and tatoes and eggs all through out winter without spending more money. I dont want to spend a ton in winter when right now I can get a bag for $1 at the 99 cent store. We do not blanch ours, it affects the coloring but does not affect the flavor, it just means your potatoes wont be as white. If you chose to blanch you do the after you cut the potatoes before you dehydrate them.
What you need

1. Set your oven to 125-150 range if you dont have that on your oven set the dial right between off and 200 (thats what we had to do)2. Wash your potatoes

3. Cut potatoes into thin slices about 1/8 inch thick (this is where have a mandolin makes life so much easier, the first time I used a knife the second the mandolin so so much easier)

Optional: this is the point where if you want to blanch you would blanch. To blanch bring water on stove top to boil, then put potatoes in a metal strainer and submerge in water for a few minutes. prepare an ice bath and put potatoes in ice bath for a few minutes. Removes and dab dry. If you dont do this your potatoes will just be darker colored, but everything I have read, and trying them myself I didnt notice a difference in taste.

4. Put potatoes on a cookie sheet giving them a little space between each potatoe piece (I cut each circle into 4 pieces since Im using it for soup)

5. put in oven

6. now you want to shut the door but give it a little bit of opening. We did this by locking the lock on the oven before we shut the door so the lock blocked it from shutting all the way.

7. Let sit in oven for 12 hours, I turned mine about 6 hours in so both sides got even time facing up

8. Potatoes when done will be crisp and will break with little to no effort

9. store in an air tight container (if you have a food saver this would be a great time to use it, I want to get this one)

when you are ready to cook them put them and water into a bowl, you can fry them, boil them. Your choice. Enjoy!



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