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DIY Fairy Garden Patio as cheap as FREE!


My Aunt has the most amazing fairy garden she makes with my cousin and every year they bring stuff out, and every year they pack it back up. Last week she visited, and was talking about how the problem she has is the patios, and paths they make with the stones get covered in pine …

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DIY Christmas Gift Stack Decoration


I’m in the mood for the holidays, mostly cause I love to decorate, and that means crafts! I decided to get an early start this year with a fun idea I saw at a local store. Supplies a long metal rod boxes wrapping paper ribbon knife scissors tape (wrapping tape, and duck tape) hot glue …

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DIY Christmas Wishes Ornaments


Christmas is around the corner and if you are looking for a new family tradition I have a cute one for you! These adorable Christmas Wishes Ornaments are cute and easy to make. Make one each year to track how child’s interesting and wishes change. Supplies Clear Christmas Ornaments (the kind you can open) paper …

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Crashing Witch Decoration DIY

DIY Crashing Witch Decoration

Ok I am going to do the best I can to explain this one, cause I kinda made it up as I went, but it came out so cute I had to share. This adorable decoration is rather easy to make and everything I used I either got at the dollar store or is something …

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DIY Bloody Hand Print Shower Curtains


So browsing online for Halloween decorations I came across these neat bloody hand print shower curtains.. the problem.. they wanted $14 + Shipping… There is no way I’m spending $14 plus shipping for a curtain I will use for maybe a week or two. So what did I do? I got crafty. First of all …

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DIY Candy Corn Wreaths

Today I went a crafting, and made this adorable wreath for under $5. I got one styrofoam wreath, 3 bags of candy (though I only used 1 and like a quater bag but I cut the wreath in half so I could make two, and a ribbon. What you need a Styrofoam wreath candy corn ribbon (optional) …

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DIY Snowmen Pencils perfect for Christmas!

How adorable are these snowman pencils, they are easy to make and perfect as a stocking stuffer for christmas!   What you need pencils glue white or clear glitter 1 inch Styrofoam balls (two per snowman) bits of felt for the scarves and noses and a black marker   Directions Make one of the Styrofoam balls smaller by rolling …

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Upgrade your little ones bed with a DIY Tutu Bed Skirt

This super easy to do craft, adds a fun edge to any bed or crib. Let your child pick their colors, or match them to the theme of their room for an instant up grade to the look of the bed. What you need Tulle your childs bed scissors   Direction cut the tulle into …

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DIY: Ball Pit for your home

My friend Katie made the coolest thing for her house, and she gave me permission to share it with you! It is a home made ball pit, and its fairly easy to make it just takes time. What you need PVC Pipe (1 inch diameter) PVC pipe connectors (you will need 8 of the elbow …

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DIY: Book Shelves made of Books

So I saw a picture of shelves like these, but no instructions so of course I had to figure it out! I ended up making two shelves for my roommates room and I plan to make some for our living room as well, they are fun, and very nifty looking. I suggest checking your local …

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