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Recipe: Bite Size Corn Dog Muffins


These are super easy to make, and so much fun! They are fabulous fresh out of the oven, or stick them in the fridge and reheat in the microwave for an easy snack. Ingredients 1 Cup of Flour 1 Cup of Cornmeal 1/2 Cup of Sugar 1/2 Tsp. of Baking Soda 1/2 Tsp of Salt …

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High Value Coupons, Recipes, and more to help you Live and Eat Better!

Hot coupons, recipes, and more! If you are looking to get healthier, lose weight, or just eat better check out Live Better America! It is free, and it is filled with great things to help you live, and eat better. I love the high value coupons, and the yummy recipes. It has a little something …

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Peekaboo Apple Pie Recipe


These are what I made for dessert tonight while I was hanging out with my younger sister. They may not look super pretty but they were super yummy. Ingredients pie crust (homemade or pre-made) Granny Apples (5 to 6 will make you 4 pies) 1 tbsp of  cinnamon 1/4 cup of sugar 1 tbsp of …

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Stock Pile Recipe: Au Gratin Scalloped Potatoes


Today I made a recipe using things you can stock pile. Now in this recipe I used some things that were fresh, but everything is things you can stock either dry, or frozen. The meat is optional, I took a Brat cooked and cut it up really well and mixed it in after the potatoes …

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Win up to $100 plus find great recipes!

I love to cook, and share recipes, so I am in love with this new site I found that has amazing recipes, and awesome contest where you can win cash for sharing recipes! Right now they have one for best egg recipe, and best pineapple recipe. You can also make your own online cookbook to share with …

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Super Easy BBQ Chicken Sandwich Recipe


I actually made these a few days ago and my roommate liked them so much everytime Ive asked what the boys want for dinner he suggest the bbq sandwiches, so I finally said ok. Plus it was a great excuse to use my new curly fry cutter I got for FREE with the $20 …

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Blueberry Zucchini Bread and Muffins Recipe


So many of you saw the huge Zucchinis I was given if you didnt they are bigger than a 2liter of soda! Anyway I decided to start off my zucchini adventure with my favorite zucchini bread with a twist.. blue berries! I got blue berries at the flea market this weekend, and was excited to …

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Taco Bell Sauce Chicken and Beans Recipe

So if you read my ReUse Reduce Recycle Candle Jar post yesterday, you saw about half of the Taco Bell sauce we have, honestly we dont eat at Taco Bell often, and when we do we usually each get a soft taco and thats it, but for some reason they think three soft tacos need …

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DIY Homemade Garlic Salt

DIY Homemade Garlic Salt

One of my favorite recipes is my Olive Garden Style breadsticks which calls for garlic salt, and I never have any, so I thought while Im dehydrating things why not make garlic salt! It came out yummy, and was easy to make. What you need 1 Garlic bulb Salt (I used sea salt you can …

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DIY Homemade Onion Powder


So as you know where playing with dehydrating, trying to save veggies, and fruit for this winter when prices but what to do with all those onions? We recently bought onions at the dollar store, a big bag, and I dont eat a ton of onions, my roommate likes the flavor but hates the texture …

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